What happens first?

If you're interested in me being your photographer, the first thing that will take place is a casual meeting to get to know each other a little bit and to talk about what I offer and how we can mold that to fit your specific needs. At this time we will also go over my package offers, pricing, and answer any questions you may have! We can meet up at a coffee or tea shop, a cute restaurant for dinner, a walk in the park - wherever you will feel the most comfortable! I also offer phone call and Skype meetings if you are a little too far away to simply meet up :)

...But I feel so awkward....

It is no secret - getting your picture made can be awkward. In your Lily & Vine Photo Co. experience, I will lighten the mood and help draw out your personality! I will embarrass myself to make you laugh. There really is no length I will not go to help you get the most natural, relaxed photos. My goal is to create a memorable day with you and whoever you are with! I want you to look back at this day and think, "oh my gosh that was a lot of fun!!" instead of dreading the next milestone event in your life because you have to have pictures for it. By the end of our session, I hope it will feel like we have been friends for years and that you look forward to your next session as much as I do!


Where will the session take place? 

Your session will take place at a location of your choice. The best way to figure out where you want your pictures is to ask yourself what type of person or family you are! Are you homebodies or spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you like city life? Gardens? Or rolling hills?  I can photograph you in a place that is very meaningful to you!

How long will it last?

The typical time for any session lasts from about 45 minutes to an hour for most sessions.

What should I wear?


Most importantly, wear something that you feel comfortable in! When you are comfortable, you're happy! And when you're happy and comfortable, your images will be even better! If you're in a family session, I do caution against being too matchy-matchy and to try to stay away from the typical 'everyone wear white shirts and blue jeans' or having everyone wear the same shirt. Those don't allow you to express who you are as a fun-loving individual! Also, feel free to spice it up with accessories, cool shoes, a unique headband, or that totally hot pair of sunglasses you bought last week! Click here for some more helpful hints about what to wear!

You can also think about bringing some props. Does your family enjoy having a picnic for Sunday brunch under a huge tree? Why not bring those picnic supplies and enjoy some family time during your session. How cool would that be?! Or do you like to play guitar? Go ahead and bring it!

So, what happens AFTER the shoot?

I usually upload a couple sneak peek photos for you to view and share with friends and family a few days after the shoot. 2-3 weeks later, you will receive an online gallery with the allotted images from your photoshoot and from there you can choose which images to show off on your empty walls at home!

What will I receive?

Each photo session will first receive a digital gallery with the images from our session. From there, you can choose to order heirloom fine art photographic prints to display at home, give as gifts, or a beautiful album to show off to friends and family! A USB with your photos can also be purchased separately.

How do you choose which photos to edit/ Why don't you edit all the photos from my session?


During our photo session, you probably will notice me taking several images of the same pose. The reason for this is that I bracket for correct exposure, move around my subjects to get the best angles, and if you have children you are most likely aware of the insane array of faces they can make in just 10 seconds or less! The more images of children I can get, the better, to ensure you have happy, smiley pictures of them and no snot bubbles, wide open mouths, or frowny faces. 

From those images, I carefully go through each one choosing the best from each pose and narrowing it down further to make absolutely sure you have the cream of the crop. These narrowed images are then fully edited by me!

Images are edited at my discretion, and delivered shots may not include all the images you remember having been shot. I will pick and edit only the images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within my artistic standards. RAW and unedited (digital negatives) files will not be released. Files that will be released will be in JPEG format. 

Can you Photoshop me?!

Super obvious things such as fly away hairs, lipstick on teeth, blemishes, bumps and bruises are subtly edited out of the photo. I do not airbrush faces, make people thinner, younger, taller, etc. However, you can request this extra service for an additional fee! 

Why is there a price difference between your prints and other labs??

For everyday pictures, printing photos at a discount store is great, but the reason these photos are cheaper is because they do not last as long. Often, the color tone will not even match what you see on the computer! My fine art prints come from the highest quality papers and calibrated printing equipment that are guaranteed to last you for many years to come! 

If you have a question that was not addressed, please do not hesitate to ask :)