We've all been there before. That moment when you're getting ready for an event, open your closet doors, look inside and GASP! Cannot find anything to wear! Five dresses, three different jeans, 15 shirts, and an hour later you're laying completely exhausted on top of a mountain of clothes with still absolutely no idea what to wear. 

Take a deep breath. I am here to help you out! 

  • First and foremost, wear something that you are comfortable in!! It will be difficult for you to relax if you are feeling a little uncomfortable, which means your session won't be as relaxed and comfortable as it should be. My goal is for you to leave feeling like the confident, happy, beautiful, and gorgeous person that you are! Feel free to send me pictures of the outfits you are considering and I can help you out, too.


  • Don't be afraid to accessorize! Accessories help show off your unique personality and amazing style! Ladies: a cute pair of shoes, those earrings you love to show off, a cute scarf, that adorable ring you just bought at a super cute boutique - the list is endless! Guys: that snazzy bowtie your girl got you for your birthday, that sweet pair of shoes, or that nice watch with the unique face.


  • If your shoot is a Family Session or a group of people, wear colors that go well together - colors that clash will not look the best in your photographs. Also, try to avoid everybody wearing matching outfits or the same color. Those images won't be as visually interesting as they could be when everyone is wearing something that fits their unique personality while still looking great together in a group!

  • Props are also something to think about. Do you play guitar? Love to read? Play any sports? Or have any fun hobbies you'd like to show off? Any props you bring will make your photo session even more authentically you!


If you're still not sure what to wear, I'm more than happy to help you out! Just let me know!