Photographing this soon-to-be family of four was such a blessing! One of my close friends from church, Ashley, asked me to capture these sweet memories with her family and it was quite an experience! It began in a spacious field on a blanket underneath a pine tree where Ashley and Anthony tried to entertain their nearly two year old daughter with books and a stuffed animal but she just was not having any part of it. 

After a few tears and the re-application of a dirty rainbow band-aid, Anthony and Grace went to pick some God-flowers (what I like to call 'wildflowers' but they're flowers planted by our Creator) and Grace's tears instantly disappeared!

Earlier in the week I had mentioned maybe taking pictures in the Eno River and Ashley was ALL FOR IT! I just LOVE when my clients are up for any adventure! She was quite a trooper and seriously *worked* the camera (*sassy z-snap*) with her nearly 9 months pregnant baby belly! The joy I have witnessed through this small family is unlike any other. I cannot wait to capture the new memories that will be made when Baby Jonah is born at the end of this week! EEEEK!